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Content Writer and WebDev Prices

How much a freelancer will charge depends a lot on the specific circumstances of both the writer and the job you want them to do. But to give you a quick idea of what you might expect when scoping out a freelancer for your next project, here’s a look at the current industry averages. Typically, average freelance writer rates can range anywhere from $0.05 per word for a writer who is just starting out in the industry, to over $1 per word for the most experienced writers with years of experience. If you work with a freelancer who charges by the hour, you could be looking at an hourly rate that falls anywhere between $16 and over $100 per hour.
Predictable, affordable & unbeatable pricing

Get the content your business needs to succeed, from just $3.40 / 100 words

Price, CAD
Development period
Template Solutionfrom 50010-12 days
Unique designfrom 90020-25 days
WordPress Business Card Websitefrom 70015-20 days
Corporate website on WordPressfrom 140035-45 days
Online store on WordPressfrom 160040-50 days

You may have questions:

What is the cost of website development? – The final cost of a website is determined based on the complexity of the project (an online store, more complex than a landing page). The price is also influenced by the design of the site and its content.

How much does advertising and promotion cost? – It is possible to determine exactly how much website promotion will cost only after analyzing your topic. To do this, you need to select key queries, analyze competitors, and only after completing all these actions, the price and time for promotion will be clear.

How do I pay? –  Website development: 50% advance payment and 50% after the delivery of the project, transfer the balance. When purchasing themes and templates, you pay 100% of the cost.

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